This is how The Golden Child came to be.

When I was in grade and middle school I spent a lot of time in the library. For one reason I loved books. The other reason was I needed to do research on people like me. No one knew anything about my “condition” so I went to the so called experts for guidance.

I started by looking up “albino” in encyclopedias and dictionaries. I read the most horrific factoids. According to the “experts” we had stark white hair, and bright pink eyes. We had soft bones, and weak constitutions. We had short life spans, and would most likely go blind, deaf, or develop some sort of horrible disease.

It frightened me so much that I had my mother take me to the doctor to check my hearing. I was sure I was going to go deaf and blind and that my teeth were going to fall out.

I started looking at these articles and findings more closely. After all, I didn’t have pink eyes or white hair, and I knew 100% that I was an albino. The more research I found the more preposterous the information got. There were “studies” saying albinos are prone to schizophrenia, had high soft voices and were most likely sterile. There was also the never-ending false belief that we were the result of the White man’s sexual encounters of our ancestors: that we were the result of our great grand mothers being raped by slave owners. I almost laughed out loud in the hushed libraries.

The more information I found the more I needed to know. When I gained access to college libraries I found studies and papers on almost every topic imaginable, including albinism.

I felt I needed to set the record straight. I also knew that if I was reading this trash then others were reading it too. I needed to do something. What?

In the 70’s and 80’s there was no such thing as the Internet for home use. The only thing I could think of was to write, market, and publish a book. I knew that would be too daunting a task but I had to make a start. I also wanted to start some sort of organization. What an absurd thought: to have an organization just for people with albinism. How many were there? How would I find them?

I found there already was one. It was called The National Organization for Albinism and Hypopigmentation. The acronym was NOAH. It was named that because in a little known scripture called the book of Enoch it was said that when Noah was born his eyes were like coals of fire and his hair was white. His father was supposed to have fled the room at seeing him, thinking he was an angel.

I joined the organization, which was then four years old, and started going to meetings. Fast forward a bit. Once we started catching on we began to form chapters. I joined the BOD, formed my own chapter, and became national chair of the chapters.

All this time I had been secretly working on my original idea of a publication dealing with information on albinism specifically pertaining to cultures of color.

By this time the internet was coming into its own, and anyone could have a website. This was far better for me to publish this way. So I started working on a site. I gathered information on albinism, and started a forum.

My site and my search for information on albinism continues. Now, there are albinism communities all over the world. The site continues to change and transform and people of African descent with albinism still stride forward and tell the world that they (we) are a powerful presence.

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