Who am I

Close up of me with dreadlocs

I have a Master’s degree in Community Arts Management from the University of Illinois, a BFA from the School of Visual Arts in New York City, and a certificate in multimedia design.

I am a published writer, cartoonist, and award-winning illustrator. I create comics, illustrations, and web designs, and work in many mediums such as painting, collage, art journaling, and computer generated art.

I directed an art gallery for people with disabilities, and served as the educational VP for a local chapter of Toastmasters.

Media presence:

“Beyond Barrier Free”
Video by Denver Center Media
(won an award)

ARTICLE: White on Black
newspaper: Illinois Times, Springfield, Illinois

ARTICLE: White On Black: An albino’s life on the racial fault line
newspaper: Washington City Paper, Washington, DC

ARTICLE: Black Albinos Face Color Barrier
newspaper: The Washington Times, Washington, DC

ARTICLE: On Being an Albino
SOURCE: The Associated Press/ The Newark Star Ledger

ARTICLE: Physical and Psychic Problems of Albinism.
Newspaper: The Washington Post

TV appearances:

A.M. Philadelphia

Joan Rivers show (New York)

Debra Dunkin Show (Texas)

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